Rural Development

Meenay Laas works for Environmentally Responsible and Socially Equitable Rural Development as we recognise the disproportionate affects of climate change to the poorest people in the world. We strive for fair deals for people exposed to increasingly severe and unpredictable climate that can destroy livelihoods and intensify poverty. We promote sustainable development to improve livelihoods and protect the environments on which these livelihoods are built. We aim to analyse and integrate gender issues in all our activities, and to engage and contribute to emerging debates on gender. Meenay Laas works to:
  1. Provide equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water through establishing safe water wells, water filtration plants and water supply solutions.
  2. Provide equitable and resilient pro poor access to affordable, efficient, climate friendly and clean energy systems.
  3. Providing economic opportunities for women through establishment of environment friendly vocational centers and marketing the products they develop in those centers.
  4. Support and provide trainings in basic skills for livelihood to boys, girls and trans.

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